Invest From $15,000

Investment platforms for those looking to start their investment journey with a minimum of $15,000

Invest in fractionalized multimillion-dollar paintings


The minimum investment required is $15,000, which can be used to buy one or more assets.

Moderate Risk

Investing in art through Masterworks has risks, including concentration in a single artwork, limited insurance coverage, market volatility, and uncertainty in the secondary market.

Moderate Liquidity

You have the option to trade shares on the platform's secondary market, but there are certain restrictions on what and how you can trade.

Moderate Return
12.6 %

Profits come from selling the painting or when investors sell their shares.

Long-term Investment
3-7 years

Masterworks keeps the artwork for 3 to 10 years.

Who can invest

Masterworks welcomes individuals, corporations, or entities from any location, including the United States.

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