Not Regulated Investment Platforms

Not regulated as it operates outside traditional financial services regulations

Invest in a portfolio of highly desirable wines


Minimum investment levels start at $35,000 for the Premier Cru tier and go up to £1 million for the Black Tier.

Moderate Risk

Investing with Cult Wine Investment involves market risks, potential fluctuations in wine prices, and variable liquidity, which could impact the value and sale of the assets.

Minimum Liquidity

Cult Wine Investment allows for portfolio liquidation, typically within 8 to 12 weeks, through sales to global trade, collectors, and consumers.

Moderate Return
8 %

Cult Wine Investment has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 8% since 2009.

Long-term Investment
3-10 years

Cult Wine Investment advises a 3-5 year minimum investment term, ideally extending to 5-10 years for optimal results.

Who can invest

Cult Wine Investment accepts investors worldwide with no geographic restrictions. Minimum age requirement: 18 or legal drinking age in your country.

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