Invest In Operational Entity

An investment in an operational entity involves financing companies engaged in ongoing activities to generate revenue

Invest in franchises


The minimum investment in FranShares is $500, funded through ACH or wire transfer.

High Risk

Investing in FranShares involves risks such as market volatility, economic changes, and franchise-specific challenges. Despite efforts to mitigate risks, there's no guarantee of returns, and FranShares' financial health could impact investments.

Minimum Liquidity

While liquidity isn't guaranteed, the platform is developing a secondary market for potential future liquidity opportunities.

Moderate Return
20 %

FranShares' TNT Franchise Fund Inc., with 55 locations across major U.S. metros, historically generates returns of 20 to 28% EBITDA per location after 16-18 months.

Long-term Investment
5-15 years

Income portfolios target a 10-15 year hold; growth funds aim for a 5-7 year period before selling.

Who can invest

FranShares welcomes both accredited and non-accredited investors, focusing mainly on opportunities for non-accredited individuals. The platform also accepts international investors from many countries, depending on the specifics of each offering.

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