Invest in Fractionalized Wine

Investment platforms with fractionalized wine assets

Invest in fractionalized fine wine collections and rare spirits


The minimum amount required to invest in offerings from Vint is set at $2,500.

Moderate Risk

Investing with Vint carries inherent risks, including market volatility and economic fluctuations that can impact the value of wine and spirits collections. The lack of a secondary market further increases risk by limiting early exit opportunities for investors.

Minimum Liquidity

Vint currently does not offer a secondary market for the trading of interests in its wine and spirits collections, which means that investors generally lack immediate liquidity options.

High Return
28.7 %

Vint has achieved a net annualized return of 28.7%, calculated from realized exits of its investment offerings, reflecting the aggregate average performance of the platform's assets under management.

Long-term Investment
1-3 years

Vint's investment time horizon for its collections spans 1 to 3 years on average.

Who can invest
United States

Investment opportunities with Vint are open to accredited investors, who must satisfy certain SEC-mandated financial criteria.

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